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Election 2013 – Gone but not forgotten. We asked five young Australians what was important for the 2013 election agenda. While the elections are over, the commentary remains relevant for the government. Andrew Campbell on why young people are disillusioned with politics Young man with back to us Personality contests and attack ads – or the great moral challenges of our time? What we do not need is the lofty rhetoric offered in the past, the promise of transformation and reform without strategy. The “great moral challenges” of our time will not be solved by words alone. They require careful planning and an evidence-based approach.​

David Lang on rethinking asylum seeker policy Facts not fear: Can we reimagine asylum seeker policy? The ingrained culture of demonising asylum seekers must come to an end. If this process is to begin in this election campaign, our leaders must speak now about facts not fear.

Marni Cranna on a sustainable Australia

Where is the vision for a sustainable Australia?

Environmental limitations and population growth are the most prominent issues of this century.

Kathryn Hedger on what she’d like to see on the political agendayoung people on sofa Is youth based policy enough to re-engage young voters? I would like to hear one of the major parties (excluding The Greens) say very loudly, and very clearly, that seeking asylum, by boat or plane, is not illegal… and I would like to see policy discussion of de-criminalisation and regulation of illicit substances on the agenda.

Nick Green on the need for truth in politics you may say I'm a dreamer You may say I’m a dreamer… Transparency and accountability? Australian politics needs to be chiseled back to the bare essentials. In an information saturated nation, politicians need to develop a uniform way of communicating directly and truthfully with a politically alienated populace.

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