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This page is for extra material stimulated by this project eg follow up commentary by the author, comments from stakeholders and other events or projects stimulated by the work.

Here is Richard Eckersley’s follow up opinion piece.

Eckersley, R. 2013. ‘Regreening’ vital for future. The Canberra Times, 1 July 2013.

Here is the Society for Ecological Restoration’s response to the report.

Richard Eckersley replied: “Many thanks for SERA’s detailed and constructive comments on the A21 report on repairing and preparing Australia’s landscapes. I’m grateful for the time and effort SERA put into your response. I won’t reply in detail. In some instances, there is clearly a difference of view between SERA and the roundtable participants (or at least some of those quoted on specific issues). However, on the whole, I think your comments reflect and reveal the limitations in time and expertise inherent in the one-day roundtable A21 conducted, as I cautioned in the introduction. Some of the issues you raise are addressed in more depth and detail in my 1989 CSIRO report. I’ll forward your email and attachments to the steering committee and roundtable participants. Thanks again, and best wishes.”

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