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The modern world of work is both an exciting and uncertain place for young people. Young Australians today face a world of work completely different from the past. Debate about these work-related challenges and opportunities and how young people should be prepared and supported is often conducted amongst government, business, academic and policy experts. But a key ingredient is commonly missing – the voices of young people. In our Future of Work project, our objective is to gain and articulate an empathic understanding of how young people are perceiving and experiencing the world of work, now and as they look to the future, to help inform the development of policies and programs. The first stage of this project will involve a pilot workshop in the ACT that will bring young people from diverse backgrounds together with politicians, policy makers, academics and business leaders, to share their stories and perspectives on the world of work. Led by project officer Jen Malbon and our YoungA21 Committee, this pilot workshop will inform future stages of the project to held across the country. If you would like to know more about this project, or are interested in being involved, please contact Jen Malbon at

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