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Survival Matters – things we should be talking about

Join Australia21 on a journey in discovery of ten major threats that the world faces, and what we can do to reduce them.

Australia21 has launched the ‘Survival Matters’ podcast series that aims to highlight threats to humanity and generate discussion about them. Throughout the series, we will be talking to a range of experts and specialists who will provide insights into what is happening to the world and what we can do to reduce the impact and make changes.

Join us for the first podcast to discover and consider the threats we are currently facing. In the first podcast, we hear from Julian Cribb who sheds light on the ten threats facing us:

  1. Global Warming

  2. Global Human Population

  3. Food Insecurity

  4. Ecosystem Destruction

  5. Depletion of Resources

  6. Risk of Nuclear War

  7. Uncontrolled Technology and Artificial Intelligence

  8. Pollution of Air, Water, Soil and Food

  9. Pandemic Diseases; and,

  10. Humanity’s Self-delusion that we can somehow escape the consequences of our actions.

Julian Cribb, a long-time science writer and journalist, conducted research that found huge human-made risks are creating the biggest challenge in human history. Not just climate change; but our resources are running out, food supply isn’t secure, WMD capability has grown, and technology is expanding in an uncontrolled way.

“How you solve one thing, must not make another thing worse. How you solve climate change must not make food security worse.”

The second part of the podcast focuses on culture. Bob Douglas joins host Mark Dorman to talk about the need for cultural change and theories of anthropocentrism and ecocentrism. Bob discusses what Australia would be like if it moved toward ecocentrism. He emphasises the point that change can happen in two ways: the first through the people, and the second, through political and governmental action.

Australia 21 is launching a campaign to help Australians have a platform to discuss the major issues identified in the Survival Matters podcasts. We have created Five Big Questions that we encourage Australians to consider.

We want to allow Australians to have your thoughts and ideas heard, not only by other Australians but by our government. Australia21 is initiating a forum for people to share their responses to the Five Big Questions to present demands and arguments for change to Australian politicians.

We invite you to listen, and to be heard!

What do you think Australia would look like if it was ecocentric? Let us know your thoughts on the Five Big Questions here.

Note: Australia21 is a national think tank for the public good founded in 2001. It conducts and reviews research into complex social issues confronting Australia in a rapidly changing global environment. Australia21 is not politically aligned.

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