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Aah-Young Choi is one of Australia21’s youngest members, currently completing Year 12 at a high school in Sydney. Aah-Young has recently joined the YoungA21 Committee and reflects on this experience, as well as what she hopes to achieve in the future: Australia21 - YoungA21 Committee member Aah-Young Choi and Australia21 DirectorsI am extremely passionate about human rights, especially gender equality and rights to education. YoungA21 has been open to various opinions and ideas that I have – enabling me to voice my opinions and propose potential projects. It is a rewarding environment that I am glad to be a part of! Joining teleconferences with members of YoungA21 showed me how much passion members have in tackling important issues, such as the impact of drug use and drug policies on youth, and the changing nature of employment. The issues Australia21 and YoungA21 deal with are complex but with continuous effort and a commitment to evidence, I believe that we will be able to champion change. I believe that sometimes society underestimates the passion that young people have to fight for rights and equality. So, in addition to my involvement with Australia21, I have created my own organisation called Human Talk and also work with Pace48 as a Project Development Officer, YWCA as a youth worker, SSI, NCOSS in the women panel, and MYAN as an ambassador. These opportunities provided a wider scope for me to thread ideas between different groups of young people and spread the message that youth can be involved in solving society’s challenges just as much as adults. As one of the youngest members of the YoungA21 team, I want to open as many opportunities for young members in Australia to join YoungA21, to explore a range of issues and opportunities to shape our future together. I look forward to what this journey will bring.

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