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On Wednesday 21 March, Australia21 convened a national health and social services Roundtable summit on drug law reform. The group addressed the evidence that a prohibition and law enforcement approach is not reducing illegal drug use, but is instead causing many adverse outcomes across our communities.

Can you help us make sure the outcomes of the Roundtable really help influence drug law reform?

We need to raise $16,000 to produce and print the Roundtable report, which will draw out the key themes and recommendations. If you can help, or would like to read more information, please click on the yellow ‘Donate’ button below:

Donations are tax deductible.

Your contribution, small or large, will help us influence drug law reform.

Building on years of research

This latest report will build on our research and recommendations from Australia21’s previous high-level Roundtable summits on the issue of Illicit Drugs.

In 2017 a prominent group of serving and former senior police, prison officers, lawyers and AOD experts put their names to Australia21’s groundbreaking report Can Australia respond to drugs more effectively and safely?, launched by former Victorian Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett and former NSW Labor Premier Bob Carr.

The report made 13 key recommendations, aimed at:

  • minimising harms for drug users and those around them,

  • reducing the use of untested, unregulated drugs in unsafe environments,

  • providing more health and social programs to reduce drug-related problems,

  • reducing and even eliminating criminal control of the drug market,

  • reducing the prison population and its associated progress to hard drug use,

  • supporting police and the judicial system to focus law enforcement more usefully.

It followed on from two other high-level Australia21 Roundtables and reports:

Other ways to help

Feeling adventurous? You can even create your own personal crowdraiser for this cause. Just follow the links after you click the yellow donate button.

Prefer to donate by cheque or straight to our bank account? Here’s how:

  • Send a cheque to: Australia21 Limited, PO Box 3244, Weston  ACT 2611

  • Use the Pay Anyone facility on your own bank account. Our details are: BSB 313 140 Account No 2319 3882

We’ll send you a receipt if you drop us an email at

Please also share this appeal with your networks. You can share directly from the Donations page (after you’ve clicked on the yellow button above or below) or you can share this post by visiting our Facebook page, or clicking on the Twitter or Email icons at the top or side of this page.

And thanks to everyone who has already donated. It is very much appreciated!

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