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The forum -“Considering the environment in national strategic thinking” – was held on 15 November 2013. It was hosted by Australia21, the Department of Agriculture and the Crawford School of Public Policy. Two key propositions arising from a 2012 Discussion paper on ecosystems services prepared by Australia21 were considered: • Australia would benefit greatly from better national strategic thinking about its future that: – involves people from across all sectors of Australian society, and – includes consideration of the interactions between humans and the natural environment that affect human social and economic well-being as well as the status of other species. • Recent progress on how to describe and assess the benefits that people get from the natural environment has provided language and concepts that can support such strategic thinking. Click on the titles below to see presentations from the forum – Considering the environment in national strategic thinking: Setting the scene – Dr Steve Cork The UK National Ecosystem Assessment: Operationalising Ecosystem Services Thinking – Professor Roy Haines-Young How the USA, Europe and the UK are applying ecosystem service thinking: lessons learnt for Australia – Simone Maynard Ecosystems services and environmental accounts. How do they relate? – Dr Richard Mount Considering the Environment in National Strategic Thinking – Sam Archer How an ecosystem services framework has been, and could be, used for thinking about Australia’s alternative futures – Professor Robert Costanza For a copy of the program, abstracts and biographies of the speakers click Ecosystems Forum Program 15 November 2013 Click on the title to download Considering the environment in national strategic thinking the report of the forum prepared by Steve Cork and released in June 2014.

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