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2017 & 2018 PROJECTS


YoungA21, working with Australia21 and collaborating with the Australian Lions Drug Awareness Foundation (ALDAF), has developed a drug education resource for schools and community groups that aims to encourage students to talk openly about drug and alcohol issues, and to consider how to influence policy in this area. YoungA21 is also exploring the possibility of workshop-style events that engage young people’s perspectives on how to reduce the potential harm of drugs. This builds upon the successful 2014 Australia 21 event Smarter About Drugs, which included a workshop and panel discussion held in Adelaide.

MAKING OUR FUTURE WORK Today’s world of work is radically different from what previous generations have seen – flexible working conditions, uncertain patterns of employment, automation of jobs and tasks, and the continued growth of a knowledge-based economy that demands highly educated workers. These changes and uncertainties affect our society at large, yet young Australians are at the forefront of this transition. Through the ‘Making our Future Work’ project, Australia21 and YoungA21 are developing a series of workshops and a roundtable event to understand how young Australians feel about their future and work. This will give young people a platform to speak about the issues that are relevant to them — an important pursuit for informed policy debate.

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