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Volunteers supplement the skills and capacity of Australia21 and volunteering provides a way for people who like what we do to become involved with our work.


We welcome volunteers at Australia21.

Currently we have around 40 people in our ‘volunteer bank’. They come from all around Australia — some are retired, some are working, some are students. About half are under 30.

Together they bring new perspectives and an incredibly wide range of skills and expertise to the organisation and we are very grateful.

Some of the tasks volunteers have helped us with so far include:

  • writing opinion pieces for our newsletter

  • editing and proofreading our work

  • writing grant applications for us

  • preparing the first draft of internal policy

  • drafting website material

  • developing a corporate partnership prospectus for us

  • helping prepare a mail out of our reports

  • helping with events

  • developing correspondence templates for Australia21

  • providing research assistance and secretariat support

  • designing, developing and updating our interim website.

If you are interested check out Volunteers’ Information and contact our Executive Officer at or phone 02 6288 0823.

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