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Pneumonia is a disease of poverty, causing more deaths than any other single disease
in the developing world.




Mortality from pneumonia is highest in the neonatal period and then declines. Prevention of severe disease and death from pneumonia is a necessary priority for any program aiming to reduce maternal and child mortality. Australia21 argues that new approaches to the deployment of pneumococcal vaccines are needed.

A roundtable in 2008 concluded that a collaborative partnership between WHO, Australia21, AusAID, PneumoADIP, GAVI, the vaccine industry and the governments of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia was needed to promote this vision.


This resulted in a tri-nation meeting held in 2009 which:

  • Recognised the need to continue to strengthen pneumonia control within the framework of existing health services

  • Recommended the immediate development of strategic research to identify ways of improving health service capacity to deliver specific interventions and of communities to provide support to mothers and families

  • Recognised the need for a network of universities and research institutions to collaborate with Ministries of Health in each country in support of the Global Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Pneumonia (GAPP) initiative

  • Recommended the development of research partnerships among countries

  • Recognised the value of regional and sub-regional forums for the exchange of knowledge and experience to inform pneumonia intervention strategies within countries

  • Recognised the need for an international pneumonia journal.

A new international online journal or Pneumonia has been published by Griffith University under the editorship of Allan Cripps who led the Australia21 project with Bob Douglas.

Download Prevention of Pneumonia Report 1 
Douglas, R 2008, Application of Pneumococcal Vaccines to Mortality Reduction in Childhood Pneumonia: Overview of Roundtable Discussion, Australia21 & Griffith University, Canberra.

Download  Prevention of Pneumonia Report 2 
Douglas, R 2009, Report of a tri-nation meeting on childhood pneumonia, Australia21, Canberra.

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