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We are an Australian registered charity based in Canberra, our national capital. We work with leading minds and subject matter experts from all corners of our nation.

We believe the challenges facing our country and our world are greater than ever before. Our role is to help find new ways to ensure the future is secure, vibrant and sustainable for future generations.


In conjunction with Australia's leading minds, we undertake research with a view to ensuring an informed national debate that leads to evidence based policy that benefits all Australians.


We make the results of our investigations and research widely available, across multiple platforms so that policy developers, industry, media and the public can benefit from our work and the insights we have.


We are funded by donations from the public, philanthropic grants, government grants, academic and industry partnerships. We  encourage all Australian's who want to contribute to an informed debate and a secure, vibrant and sustainable future to consider supporting our work with a tax deductible donation.

A short history of Australia21 


Chair - Alex Wodak

Non Executive Director - Bob Douglas

Non Executive Director - Fran Baum

Non Executive Director - Steve Cork

Non Executive Director - Ian Dunlop

Non Executive Director - David Morawetz

Non Executive Director - Robyn Alders

Non Executive Director - Emma Dawson

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